Council Foreign Relations (CFR)

What’s the Chop?

More than 119 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered across the world. Meanwhile, barely a fraction of African countries are included. Is there hope on the horizon?

What is going on exactly?

Honestly it all boils down to capitalism and poverty. The richest countries…

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The US has made a formal move to open a consulate in a region of Western Sahara, and this has shaken the tables of a fifty-year turf war.

Western Sahara is a region in Northwest Africa that has been pushing for independence since 1975 — to no avail. A bunch…

Bobi Wine leads activists in protest (Reuters)

What’s the Chop?

When Bobi Wine was barely four years old, Yoweri Museveni became president of Uganda. Thirty-five years later, with Museveni still staunchly in power, Bobi Wine set out to change that. Let’s just say, things certainly didn’t go according to plan.

Who is Bobi Wine?

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu…

What’s the Chop?

The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (UNODC) has voted to remove cannabis — what the cool kids call grass or weed or hemp and 1,000 more fun names — from a list of dangerous drugs, and we’re wondering if it isn’t ‘high’ time Africa jumped on that bandwagon.

Wait, weed is legal now?


Protesters in Northern Nigeria following the kidnapping of schoolboys in Katsina (Al Jazeera)

In the span of just two weeks, two major tragic events in Northern Nigeria have been making headlines — the beheading of over 70 farmers in Borno on the 29th of November; and the kidnapping of almost 600 boys from their secondary school in Katsina state on the 11th of…

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The fight against malaria has taken a back seat since the onset of COVID-19, and this does not bode well for public health in Africa.

We Africans are known for our jokes and quips about malaria, but the continent loses about 3,000 babies daily to malaria, and that is certainly…

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed accepting his Nobel Peace Prize (france24)

There’s trouble in Ethiopia and civil war is looming. Tension between the federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has led to hundreds of deaths and the displacement of over 40,000 people into neighbouring Sudan.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) started in 1975 as an armed liberation…

President Donald Trump and a few leaders from Africa. (Reuters)

What’s the Chop?

Now that US President Donald Trump will be shown the door come January 2021, all eyes are on President-Elect Joe Biden, in anticipation of what the next four years might mean for Africa.

Why is American politics so important for Africa?

The fact is, America is the…


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